Five minutes before the start, the gun is fired and the green flag is raised, allowing the drivers to come onto the race course. Exactly sixty seconds before the start, a one-minute gun is fired and the green flag is replaced with a white flag and the clock is started. At the end of sixty seconds, the white flag is dropped and immediately replaced by the green flag, indicating the official start of the race.

In the event that any boats start ahead of the gun, those boats are disqualified. The intent of the drivers is to cross the starting line at full speed when the clock reaches zero. Boats approaching the starting line at any angle other than ninety degrees or weaving to reduce speed are disqualified. Turning to restart is forbidden.

When a red flag is flown immediately after the start, it is an indication of a false start and all boats must return for a new start.


A white flag indicates the beginning of the last lap. As each boat finishes, a checkered flag indicates the finish.


Each race is composed of two heats. Drivers accumulate points for each heat according to their finishing place.
First place receives 400 points, second place 300, third place 225, fourth place 169, fifth place 127, and so on.

Points for both heats are totaled, and the winner is determined by the highest number of points. In the event of a tie in points, the driver with the fastest time is declared the winner.


A hydroplane is a type of boat used for racing because it planes on top of the water’s surface and does not have to cut through, eliminating drag and friction, resulting in greater speed and action like an airplane. The bottom of the hydroplane is designed to create the least water friction possible and to take advantage of the wind foiled underneath. This gives lift to the boat making it lighter and raising it from the water.

The tunnel boat has sponsons that run the full length of the boat. The “tunnel effect” does not work to the ultimate without lots of horsepower on the transom. Thus, you do not see them used on boats with less than 50 horsepower. The “tunnel” traps many cubic feet of air between the sponsons which literally allows the boat “to fly.”


BLACK FLAG: Return to pits, or do not leave pits.

RED FLAG: All activity is stopped – slow down.

YELLOW FLAG: Patrol boat.

WHITE FLAG: Time between one-minute gun and start. Also start of last lap.

GREEN FLAG: Time between three-minute gun to one-minute gun or last lap.


BLUE AND WHITE FLAG: A driver is in the water – race is continuing, but proceed with caution.



Friday, august 30

9:00 ALL Driver/Crew Chief
Pre-Water Meeting
8:00-12:00 Testing: H1 Unlimited
& Grand Prix West
12:15-12:45 Monster Wakeboard Demo
1:00-2:00 Testing: H1 Unlimited
& Grand Prix West
2:15-2:45 Monster Wakeboard Demo
3:00-5:00 H1 Unlimited Qualifying
5:15 Vintage Hydroplane Exhibition
5:30 Super 1 Foods Grand Prix West
Dash for Cash

Saturday, Aug 31

8:00 H1, Vintage, GPW Physicals
8:30-9:30 Grand Prix West Qualifying
9:30-11:00 H1, GPW Testing
11:00 Budweiser Vintage Heat 1 Limited
11:30 Budweiser Vintage Heat 1 Unlimiteds
11:45 H1 Drivers Meeting
12:15 GPW/Vintage Drivers Meeting
12:15-12:45 Monster Wakeboard Demo
1:00 Grand Prix West Heat 1A
1:30 Rex Manchester Memorial
H1 Unlimited Heat 1A
2:00 Bardahl Corporation
H1 Unlimited Heat 1B
2:30-3:30 H1 Autograph Session
2:30-3:30 Monster Wakeboard Demo
3:30 Grand Prix West Heat 2A
3:50 Budweiser Vintage Heat 2A Limiteds
4:10 Budweiser Vintage Heat 2A Unlimiteds
4:30 H1 Challenge Heat(s)
4:50 Press Conference
Media Tent (All Drivers)

sunday, sept 1

8:00 H1, Vintage, GPW Physicals
8:30 Testing H1 Unlimiteds
10:00 Hagadone Hospitality
Vintage Exhibition
10:30 Opening Ceremonies
11:00 UnlimitedNewsJournal.Net
H1 Unlimited Heat 2A
11:30 Atomic Screenprinting
H1 Unlimited Heat 2B
12:00-12:45 Monster Wakeboard Demo
1:00 Beacon Plumbing
H1 Unlimited Heat 3A
1:30 Les Schwab H1 Unlimited Heat 3B
1:45-2:30 Monster Wakeboard Demo
1:45-2:15 H1 Drivers Autograph Session
2:45 NAPA Auto Parts H1 Provisional Heat
3:00 Hagadone Hospitality Vintage Finale
3:30 Universal Funding Corporation
Grand Prix West Final
4:00 Riverstone Development
H1 Unlimited Diamond Cup
5:00 Press Conference
Media Tent (All Drivers)


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